How We Started Our Cloth Diaper Business


About Eco Diaper

Eco Diaper is a local, family owned and operated business. Since we have had an in-home day care centre for seven years, we came up with a cloth diaper rental, washing, and delivery business. In fact, we have always used and recommended eco-friendly cloth diapers for the children at our day care.

Who We Are

Eco Diaper is led by Monique Onguene and her husband. She is a mother that has been using cloth diapers for her children for over 12 years.


What Makes Us Special

We take pride in delivering, washing, and offering cloth diapers for rent.

Core Values


Count on us to keep our word and serve you with transparency.


Eco Diaper will go above and beyond to have a better understanding of your specific needs.


We always make sure to maintain a truthful relationship with our clients.

Family life

Spend more of your precious time with your loved ones, while doing your share for the environment.


Our amazing cloth diapers are durable and eco-friendly. Using washable diapers will remove the 7,000 single-use diapers used until potty trained from the landfill.


We use biodegradable soaps and maintain the highest level of hygiene during our handling of the diapers.


No need to purchase an expensive cloth diaper starter kit.

Contact Us

For more details about what we offer, reach out to our team. We are more than willing to help you.

Also, ask about our baby shower gift idea or our adult diaper collection.